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Terms of sale

General warnings

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before browsing and using this website. Use of the site implies acceptance of the conditions indicated below. If you do not accept these conditions, please do not use this website.

The User is free to browse this website.

The User assumes all responsibility resulting from the use of this website.

The User uses the website and browses it at his/her own risk.

Mastrojanni srl cannot be held responsible for any damage, such as infection by computer viruses or malware that the devices used by visitors to browse the website may incur as a result of connection to this site or the download of its contents.

Hypertext links contained in the website may direct visitors to web pages on other websites operated by other organizations. Mastrojanni srl declines all responsibility both for the content published on such sites and/or for the use that third parties may make of it, and for any damage caused by or originating during access to such websites and the browsing and download of their content.

Any personal information sent to the Mastrojanni srl website will be processed in compliance with the privacy law.Mastrojanni srl does not guarantee the normal updating of the data and information contained in this site.


Types of purchase that can be made on the website

Only one type of purchase can be made on 

  1. Vouchers described below and elsewhere on the website, also referred to simply as "vouchers". 

  2. Gift cards for discounts on accommodation and services

  3. Company products or gadgets

No delivery charges are envisaged for vouchers and/or gift cards, while for products or company gadgets, they will be calculated on the basis of the product and highlighted when you close your shopping cart.

Online contract - Subject and definition

The term "online sales contract" refers to the remote contract, i.e. legal transaction concerning goods and/or services entered into between a supplier, in this case Mastrojanni srl - Società Agricola, Poderi Loreto e San Pio - 53024 Castelnuovo dell'Abate - Montalcino (Siena) - Italy - VAT no. 10089051006 - hereinafter "Mastrojanni srl" or "Mastrojanni" -, and a Customer within the framework of a remote sales system, organized by the supplier who, for this contract, uses the remote communication technology called the "Internet".

Therefore, all contracts will be finalized directly, through access by the customer to the website, where, following the procedures indicated, the customer can finalize the contract to purchase the goods and/or service.The term “customer” refers to the natural person who purchases goods and services for purposes not directly related to the professional activity that they might perform.

The terms of sale, which will be effective until Mastrojanni decides to change them, can be found below.

Any changes to these terms and conditions of sale will be effective from the moment they are published on the website and will govern all sales made from that moment onwards.



The prices of products, gadgets and vouchers for sale on this website:

• are stated in Euro and include VAT;

• are subject to change without prior notice;

• if referred to products, do not include delivery charges. If the price of an item includes delivery charges, this will be clearly indicated;

• if referred to vouchers and/or gift cards, incur no delivery charges.


Purchasing methods

The customer can only purchase the items available in the electronic catalogue of The specifications shown in the catalogue are not binding and may therefore be subject to change without prior notice.


Orders - Placement

Orders can be placed directly online on the Mastrojanni website, using the shopping cart and relative payment procedures.


Orders - Availability

The customer may purchase the items shown on in the quantities in stock. Should an order exceed the quantity in stock, the computer system may accept only the purchase of the items available at that time.Mastrojanni reserves the right - in the customer's interest - to ascertain the quality of the items before shipping them and, if the quality is considered unsuitable for shipping, Mastrojanni will not ship the goods, undertaking to refund the amount paid by the customer, including delivery charges where applied. The Customer must supply Mastrojanni with their bank details, which will be used to make the refund, and the supplier must refund the amount within seven working days of receipt of the bank details.


Orders - Cancellation

• In the case of products: all orders are binding and may be cancelled only if the goods have not yet been shipped, by written request to be sent by e-mail.

• For orders that have already been processed, the customer must exercise the withdrawal right.

• In the case of vouchers: if the voucher is purchased for a particular event / promotion, linked to a specific date (e.g. Valentine's Day Voucher, valid on the 14th of February) it is not refundable. In all other cases, the buyer has 14 days to claim a refund. Mastrojanni is however willing to consider possible alternative solutions.

• In the case of gift cards: the buyer has 14 days to claim a refund. Mastrojanni is however willing to consider possible alternative solutions.


Acceptance of the general terms and conditions of sale

The contract entered into between Mastrojanni and the customer shall be considered finalized with the acceptance of the order by Mastrojanni. Such acceptance is considered tacit, unless otherwise communicated in any way to the customer.

By placing an order in the various ways envisaged, the customer declares that they have read all the information supplied to them during the purchasing procedure and that they fully accept the general terms and conditions of payment outlined below.

After completing the online purchase procedure, the customer must print or save an electronic copy and keep these general terms and conditions of sale, in compliance with the provisions of articles 52 and 53 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 on remote sales.


Shipping of items - Delivery companies and times

Purchases are usually shipped within two working days of receipt of payment.

Delivery times are usually about two to four working days from the time of shipment.

Shipments are usually made by Courier, which is an excellent compromise between cost-effectiveness and speed. If necessary and at its sole discretion, Mastrojanni reserves the right to ship using a different delivery company, without having to inform the customer and without increasing the delivery charges.

The customer will receive a shipping number so that they can independently track the delivery status of the product directly on the delivery company's website.

However, Mastrojanni declines all responsibility for damages due to delays in the fulfilment or delivery of the order.

Unless specifically indicated by our customer service department, delivery is understood as being to street level.


Transmission of vouchers and/or gift cards - Transmission and delivery time

The voucher or gift card purchased will be sent as a pdf file to the email address of the beneficiary indicated by the customer, with a clear copy to the customer, as follows:

• immediately after purchase, in the case of payment by credit card or PayPal account. Transmission is automatic and is subject to acceptance of payment by the Banking Institute, which must send payment for the order, and to the time it takes for the transaction to go through.

• After receiving the bank transfer, in the case of payment by bank transfer submitted after making the purchase on the website.


Shipping of items - Expenses

Delivery charges include handling, packaging and shipping costs.

Mastrojanni advises the customer to group purchases together in a single order. It will not be possible to group two separate orders together, and shipping costs will be applied to each individual order.

Shipping costs are due and payable by the customer, even if they exercise the withdrawal right, refuse to accept delivery or return the goods ordered to the sender, for any reason.

Shipping costs for the return of the goods to our warehouse are always at the customer's expense.

In this case, the customer shall reimburse the above-mentioned shipping costs, and in the event of non-payment of said costs, Mastrojanni will take the necessary measures to recoup the credit.


Transmission of vouchers and/or gift cards - Costs

There are no shipping costs for the transmission of vouchers and/or gift cards purchased on our website. Vouchers and/or gift cards in PDF format are sent by email only and this does not generate any kind of cost.


Shipping of items - Receipt of goods

Upon arrival of the goods, in the presence of the delivery man or postman, in the full interest of the customer, the following shall be ascertained before signing the delivery form:

• check that the parcel is intact, not damaged or wet, and that it complies with the standard characteristics of a parcel, including the sealing materials (sticky tape, string, metal staples, etc.);

• check that the number of packages corresponds to the number indicated on the transport document.

Any damage to the packaging and/or the product, or failure to correspond with the number of packages or indications must be reported immediately, making written indication on the delivery receipt of reservation of the right to carry our further checks. In the absence of such indication, the items shall be considered as correctly delivered.

After signing the delivery receipt, the customer may not complain about the external characteristics of that delivered.

In the event of failure to collect the goods within the maximum deposit period, following repeated and unsuccessful attempts at delivery to the address indicated by the customer at the time of order, the order will be considered as refused and returned to Mastrojanni's warehouses, with reimbursement of all expenses to be paid by the customer.


Shipping of items - What to do in the event of damage during transport

Upon delivery of the goods by the delivery company it is always necessary to check the packaging BEFORE SIGNING THE DELIVERY RECEIPT. If the packaging is damaged, proceed as follows:

• accept the package BUT WITH RESERVATION OF ALL RIGHTS. i.e., sign the delivery receipt, but write on the document “ACCEPTED WITH RESERVATION OF ALL RIGHTS DUE TO DAMAGED PACKAGING”;

• after opening the package, the customer can check whether the goods are fine or if they have been damaged;

• if the goods are damaged, the customer must immediately report the matter to Mastrojanni, who will refund the amount paid by the customer;

• if the deliveryman refuses to deliver the goods to the customer subject to the reservation of all rights, the customer is advised not to accept the goods and will receive a refund. If the customer accepts the goods anyway, without indication of the reservation of all rights in writing on the delivery note, Mastrojanni will be unable to pay out any refund;

• if the damage to the package is so evident that it is obvious that the goods are damaged even without opening the package, again, in this case, the customer is advised not to accept the goods and will receive a refund. Mastrojanni will be unable to give the customer a refund if they accept the goods without indicating a reservation of all rights in writing on the delivery document.


Shipment of items - Liability 

The goods are considered as delivered from the moment they leave the Mastrojanni warehouse, and travel at the buyer's risk.

Mastrojanni can assure you that your purchases will be treated with the utmost care at the time of packing, in order to guarantee the safest possible transport. The packaging used is big enough to afford the goods purchased the right protection.


Transmission of vouchers and/or gift cards - Problems with receipt

The voucher and/or gift card in PDF format is sent by email and Mastrojanni uses the email service provided by an Internet Provider outside its organization and beyond its control. Should the sending of the voucher and/or gift card cause problems, such as:

• Failure to receive the voucher and/or gift card (PDF file to print)

• Receipt of a corrupted file (which does not open or, if it does, is then illegible or only partially visible)

• Receipt of a voucher and/or gift card with incorrect or illegible data

In these cases, the buyer of the voucher and/or gift card must contact Mastrojanni by email or phone (see the contact details indicated on this page) and the Company will solve the problem.


Force Majeure

Mastrojanni declines all responsibility for any inefficiencies due to force majeure, such as accidents, damage to the computer system, explosions, fire, strike actions, lockouts, floods, earthquakes and similar events that completely or partially prevent the fulfilment of the contract in the agreed time. Mastrojanni will also decline all responsibility for damages, costs and losses suffered as a result of failure to fulfil the contract for the reasons outlined above. In this case, the customer will only be entitled to the refund of the price paid.



Payments on the Mastrojanni website are made using the global payment system Stripe, which offers maximum security in transactions and a high level of encryption of the data entered.

The form of payment accepted for the online sale of its products through this site is: CREDIT CARD. We accept all cards included in the following circuits: Visa, Mastercard, Cartasì, American Express,  PostePay, through the secure online payment service Stripe.

The credit card transaction will be processed on the Stripe website and, when the transaction has been completed, the buyer will be redirected to the company website.The customer's sensitive data (credit card number and details) will not circulate through the company website and will not be registered in any way by Mastrojanni. After placing the items in the shopping cart, when the customer is ready to complete the purchase they will be transferred to the Stripe website to proceed with the payment transaction.

Mastrojanni cannot be held responsible for any illegal or fraudulent use by third parties of credit cards, cheques or other means of payment, when paying for the items purchased by the customer. At no stage of the purchase procedure will Mastrojanni have access to the customer's credit card number, which is transmitted directly to Stripe, the manager of this service, via a secure connection. Mastrojanni will be unable to check the correct and legitimate origin of the credit card used by the customer at the time of payment for the goods.

Mastrojanni is at your complete disposal should you require further information. Call us on +39 0577 835691 or contact us by email at


The Buyer's Obligations

After completing the on-line purchase procedure, the Customer undertakes to print and keep these general terms and conditions, which they will have already read and accepted (this is a compulsory step during the purchase procedure), along with the specifications of the item to be purchased, in order to fully meet the condition pursuant to articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree no. 185/1999.

The customer is strictly forbidden from entering false and/or fictitious and/or invented data when filling in the order form or registration necessary to activate the procedure for the fulfilment of this contract and any additional communications; the personal data and email address must be those of the buyer and not those of other people, or fictitious.

The same person may not be registered twice, and other people's personal data may not be entered. Mastrojanni reserves the right to take legal action against any abuse and/or breach.


Withdrawal right - Items

Mastrojanni allows its customers to exercise the withdrawal right in relation to the products purchased, as envisaged by Legislative Decree no. 185 of 22/05/1999.

The deadline for exercising the withdrawal right is ten days after receipt of the goods. By and no later than this deadline, the customer is required to give written notice by registered letter with notification of receipt, addressed to:

Mastrojanni - Poderi Loreto e San Pio - 53024 Castelnuovo dell’Abate - Montalcino (Siena).

Alternatively, within the same period of ten days after receipt of the goods, a telegram, email or fax may also be sent, on condition that the intention to withdraw is confirmed by registered letter with notification of receipt within the following 48 (forty-eight) hours. Said letter must contain:

• expression of the willingness to exercise the benefits granted by law;

• indication of the relevant article;

• the number of any invoice or, failing this, the number of the delivery notice;

• your bank or Post Office account details. In the case of a bank account, also indicate the IBAN code and BIC code, which will be necessary if the application for refund is accepted. 

To exercise the withdrawal right, the Customer must:

• express willingness to exercise the withdrawal right in the manner indicated above;

• ensure that the goods purchased are intact and returned in their original packaging. Naturally, all parts must be complete. It is not possible to exercise the withdrawal right for part of the product only;

• return the goods within the time and in the manner described above. Shipping costs are at the expense of the Customer.

Upon receipt of the goods by Mastrojanni, they will be checked to determine whether they have been damaged or tampered with in any way not attributable to transport.

After examining the integrity of the goods, Mastrojanni will proceed to refund the amount paid by bank transfer, transfer to current account, credit card.

The refund only covers the price of the items and not the initial shipping and commission charges for the payment.

The refund will be made within 30 days of the moment in which Mastrojanni receives the goods for which the customer is requesting the exercise of the withdrawal right.

The expenses for the return of the item will be charged to the Customer.

NB: the withdrawal right as defined by legislative decree no. 185/99 cannot be exercised for the supply of made-to-measure or customized articles.


Withdrawal right - Voucher and/or gift card

As explained above, there is no withdrawal right on the purchase of vouchers and/or gift cards.


Online settlement of consumer disputes

Consumers living in Europe should be aware that the European Commission has set up an online platform that offers an alternative means of settling disputes. This platform can be used by European consumers for the out-of-court settlement of any dispute relating to and/or arising from contracts for the sale of goods and services entered into online. Consequently, if you are a European consumer, you can use this platform to settle any dispute arising from an online contract. The platform is available at the following link ( The Data Controller is willing to answer any questions sent by email to the email address published in this document.


Legal notes

The texts, information, logos, graphics, images, trademarks, trade names, product names and everything published and/or reproduced on this website are the property of (or are granted by third parties for use to) Mastrojanni srl.The reproduction of the website or part of its contents is permitted only with the written authorization of Mastrojanni.Consequently, the modification, reproduction, copying, transmission, disclosure or distribution of the contents of this website without the authorization of Mastrojanni is forbidden.

The "Mastrojanni" logo is the property of Mastrojanni and may not be reproduced or used without its consent.

The logos and trademarks of the products sold on this website are the property of their respective owners and may not be reproduced or used without the consent of said owners. Unauthorized use of these trademarks will be prosecuted in compliance with the law.


Termination of contract and express termination clause

Mastrojanni srl has the right to terminate the contract by simply notifying the Customer, stating adequate and justified reasons. In this situation, the Customer will only be entitled to a refund of any amount already paid.

The obligations undertaken by the Customer and the guarantee of the successful completion of the payment issued by the Customer are essential.

Therefore, by explicit agreement, failure by the Customer to fulfil even just one of these obligations will result in the termination of the contract pursuant to article 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, without the need for a court ruling, notwithstanding the right of Mastrojanni to take legal action to obtain compensation for further damages.


Jurisdiction and Court Authority

This website is subject to the legislation in force within the Italian Republic.

Any dispute arising from the application, fulfilment, interpretation and violation of the purchase contracts entered into online through the website is regulated by Italian law; for anything not expressly provided for herein, these general terms and conditions refer to the combined provisions of Legislative Decree no. 50 of 15-01-1992 and Legislative Decree no. 185 of 22-05-1999.

Any dispute between the parties arising from this contract will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court in whose district the consumer is domiciled, if this is within Italy; for all other customers, it is agreed that all disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Siena (SI).


PRIVACY: Policy article 13 of the EU GDPR 

The Regulation protects the confidentiality of personal data and guarantees the necessary protection against every event which might put such confidentiality at risk of breach.

The processing of the personal data of the Data Subject takes place for the management of requests for information, contact, sending informative material, for the implementation of the service requested and for compliance with administrative and tax obligations.

The complete privacy policy can be found at the following link__________________

The data controller is the pro-tempore legal representative of Mastrojanni srl, to whom requests relating to data processing may be addressed at the following email address or at the certified email address (pec)


Company, tax and contact details

Company name: Mastrojanni srl – Società Agricola - Poderi Loreto e San Pio - 53024 Castelnuovo dell’Abate - Montalcino (Siena) 

Public name and brand: “Mastrojanni” or “Mastrojanni Relais”

Business premises: Mastrojanni, Poderi Loreto e San Pio - 53024 Castelnuovo dell’Abate - Montalcino (Siena).

Registered office: Mastrojanni, via della Mercede 11, Palazzo Bernini – 00187 Rome

Tax Code and VAT number: 10089051006

Phone and fax: +39 0577 835681


Certified E-mail (PEC):

Data Controller and manager of the activity: Legal representative pro-tempore

Person responsible for data processing: Legal representative pro-tempore

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